Fonds Labégorre

Ancient Public Wash House.
Yesteryears washing called "bugade". Clothing was washed every two or three months when there was no urgent farmwork. Some of the rural homes had a room dedicated to washing called "lou bugadé" ; if they hadn’t, the wash was made next to the kitchen, the water could then be heated up in the fireplace.
Clothing was laid in a tub ; at the bottom were laid the sheets then the smallest pieces and finally a hempen sheet with a layer of ashes on which was poured tepid water first then boiling hot water
Clothing was soaking a whole night.
The next morning, it was put in a wheelbarrow or on a yoked cart and then be washed at the Public Wash House.

Opening period

from 02/01/ to 30/12/


  • Restaurant
  • Bar cafeteria tea room


  • Pets welcome

Spoken languages

  • French
  • English
  • Spanish

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